Slowing Down Fashion

Ribbon Candy is a homegrown label that makes handmade apparel and accessories for kids. Our fabrics are mindfully curated with the most authentic and breathable cottons suited for the Indian climate. All our garments and hair accessories are hand made, each with a unique story behind them.

Great quality apparel and accessories that don’t sacrifice the environment or the people that made them.

The Story

Ribbon Candy is all about weaving love into everything we make, and having fun while we’re at it!

Founded by Meghna Gandhi, a mother of two little girls, Ribbon Candy we born out of love and compassion. In a world full of fast fashion, we take the time to put some thought behind our quality and design. With a wealth of wonderful fabrics and skilled handwork in India, we’re helping revive the idea of ibuying locally and celebrating our roots as well as our planet!


We believe in making our products locally and ethically. Our workshop employs local women, empowering them in emerging markets through employment and skill trainings.

In an effort to minimise waste, we make all our hair accessories from up-cycled, surplus material of our outfits.

We’re trying to raise awareness about sustainable fashion, helping inculcate this awarenes in our children at a young age. 

The snowball effect can have unimaginable results!

Empowering women, one stitch at a time.

Our fashion brand is proud to support and employ local women in our community. Join us in supporting women-led fashion. By empowering local women, we're creating a more diverse and inclusive industry for everyone.


Choosing our locally made & sustainable label is the perfect way to reduce your environmental impact and love your planet!